Knitting yarn Lang yarns Secret Garden 004
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Secret Garden 004

Needle size : 3,5 - 4

Weight : 50 grams 

Length : 240 m

Fibers : 84% cotton / 16% polyamide (recycled)

Tension 10x10cm = 21 stitches x 36 rows

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Lang Yarns Secret Garden is a premium knitting and crochet yarn that offers exceptional quality for passionate knitters and crocheters. With a recommended needle size of 3.5 to 4 mm, this yarn exudes luxury and craftsmanship. Visit our renowned wool shop and explore the beautiful world of Lang Yarns Secret Garden.

This unique crochet yarn is like an enchanting flower garden on a sunny day, an invitation to explore hidden colors and textures and create layered knitwear. It invites you to lose yourself in delicate lace patterns and let your thoughts wander while your hands effortlessly glide through this beautiful knitting and crochet yarn.

Lang Yarns Secret Garden stands out with its unique blend of cotton and recycled polyamide, making it not only environmentally conscious but also providing a soft and luxurious texture for your handmade creations. It feels like a caress for the senses and ensures a pleasant knitting and crocheting experience.

Whether you're an experienced knitter or just starting out, Lang Yarns Secret Garden offers endless possibilities for creating beautiful handmade items. In our wool shop, you'll find an extensive selection of this high-quality knitting and crochet yarn. We ship throughout the entire EU, allowing you to enjoy the superior quality and versatility of Lang Yarns Secret Garden anywhere. Knit with passion, crochet with flair - let the magic of this unique crochet yarn enhance your creativity. Lang Yarns Secret Garden - where every stitch is a work of art, and quality is a promise kept.

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