Woolly Hugs Plan

Woolly Hugs Plan

A knitting wool with karo effect available in 6 beautiful designs.
The planned pooling knitting yarn has a uniform color sequence that comes out of the ball. Woolly Hugs Plan has been specially developed for the planned pooling technology and each ball has 6 color sections, which are repeated each time.
The graphic patterns in the pattern are always created by moving the stitches evenly to the left (or right).

This style of crocheting or knitting is new. Each pattern is simple, but it takes some time to adjust the colors so that they move evenly. This knitting wool allows you to work much easier and much faster than any other technique.

Planned pooling is fun and certainly addictive - so try it!

Needle size : 5,5 - 6,5

Weight : 100 grams

Length : 220 m

Fibers : 50% merino wool - 28% coton - 22% polyamide

Tension 10x10cm = 14 stitches x 20 rows


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