Knitting accessories

Rotally Prym
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A rotally that can be put on the knitting needle. Never again lose count of your rows. Suitable for needle sizes up to 5mm.
Opry row counter
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Easily keep track of your rows with this handy digital row counter! Simply place the digital counter snuggly around yourfinger to stay on track as you work through each row.
Lace blocking mats
Pack of 9 blocking mats each of size 30cm x 30cm to block small and large projects
Convenient to assemble, fits together like puzzle pieces to make the size and shape you need
Knit blockers
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Pack of 20 Knit Blockers : 12 Knit blockers having 8 pins ; 8 Knit Blockers having 4 pins
Aluminium Stitch Holders
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Large: 16.50cm - Light Blue
Medium: 11.50cm - Satin Pink
Small: 8.30cm - Gold
Knitting calculator Prym

For easily counting stitch and row numbers

Perfect for knitting pullovers and other pieces of clothing

20 measurement holes for determining pin gauges between 1.5 mm and 10 mm

Made of stable plastic

Knitting mill Prym Comfort Twist
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Ergonomic knitting mill for creating knitted tubesPractical to fix in place and convenient in useIntegral weightModern design manufactured in high quality materials